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COURSE: LEARNING TO CODE Arabic, Math and Promgramming with M.I.T’s Scratch

For this track students use Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the M.I.T. Media Lab on Raspberry Pi computer stations to design their own storyboards and games.

Catch-up Arabic and Math is thematically integrated to prepare students for reintegration into public school.

Inspired by Pi4L which was piloted by IEA and UNICEF [READ], we have developed our own implementation of similar objectives.

Due to the shortfall in global relief for victims of the Syrian war, with your help we are bringing this program to many of Earth’s most forgotten children, isolated in the Bekaa Valley region of Lebanon.

After training, students are shown to be better prepared to re-enter school, both academically and socially, often with a boosted sense of self-worth and acceptance due to their specialized and often admired computing know-how.

You will have the opportunity to buddy-up too, with the option to join the process directly with your student online.

1 to 6 months of developed training courses are currently available with perpetual, future online support and training.

To get started, consider selecting a child from The Mandelbrot Kids group:



For this track, each course is four weeks comprising one, 1-hour-in-length class per week with 4-5 students per class. The class is taught with two teachers (one local and one from a distance over video) lead by Elena Mathys of Boulder, Colorado in the Unites States.